Cherishing our Local Streams

The following leaflet about local residents’ on-going efforts to restore the Salmons Brook is promoted on behalf of The Pymmes BrookERS.

View the leaflet (in PDF): Cherishing our Local Streams.pdf

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The Pymmes BrookERS is working together with Thames21, a charity. (More information)


About The Pymmes BrookERS:

The Pymmes BrookERS are a group of  Enfield residents working together with an aim to restore the Pymmes Brook and Salmons Brook, both tributaries of the River Lea. These rivers are all suffering from pollution, mainly from misconnected plumbing, sewage overflows and pollutants from roads.

With the help of Thames21, they are using environmental modelling software to map areas where wetlands and other greening initiatives can help trap pollution before it enters these rivers, and also reduce flooding. The group has identified 18 new spaces, which if installed, would radically transform the health of the Pymmes and Salmon’s Brooks.

The group is always happy to welcome new members so that both rivers become, in their words ‘cleaner, wilder and more fun!